5 More Tips for Maximum Business Success

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jan 01

1. Expanding awareness is the master-key. A Business doesn’t generate $1M, $5M, $10M, or whatever it generates because that’s all they want to generate. It’s all they are aware of how to generate. By expanding awareness within the business, revenue can be increased. As long as employees only know A, B, & C, they can only produce C-level results; they can only recognize C-level opportunities. But, the moment employee’s awareness is expanded to understand D, E, & F, now they can produce F-level results; they can recognize F-level opportunities.

2. If a business is doing business the same way they were 5 years ago, they’re going out of business. For some, the “going out of business” process may be only a few months while for others it may take years. But it’s happening nevertheless. In simple and plain terms, business owners and executives must either maintain a constant drive to get better or they better figure out how to liquidate and get out before they and the other people in the business get hurt.

3. Mental laziness, paradigms, habit patterns, conditioning, the pull to be like others, the ego and arrogance of success – these are the enemies of every person and every business and they must be overcome on a continual basis. The determining factor for a business is whether or not the folks at the top of the business overcome in these areas. If the thinking and attitude of the folks at the top is “soured”, then the really good employees will move on to a better environment while all the remaining employees simply conform to what they see at the top.

4. Customers will sell for you when you go the extra mile, when you give them more than they expect. Any business can just sell a product or service – and that’s all that most of them do. But, that’s not enough. Just selling a product or service leaves you in a vulnerable position – you’re just another commodity item. What can your business do beyond the selling of your product or service? What can you do to make it an EXPERIENCE for your customers? Providing an experience is another way to differentiate yourself from the competition. If your customers are businesses, what can you do to expand their business or bring more customers to them? If your customers are consumers, what can you do to give them greater enjoyment and fulfillment in life? What else could you do for your customers that no one else is doing? What could you give them that no one else is giving them? How can you give them the recognition, the approval, the affirmation – or here’s an idea, the convenience – that is way beyond what anyone else is giving them? A word of warning; before you go the extra mile or give customers more than they expect, make sure you have your order-takers ready…

5. Business is a game that requires different kinds of strengths and insights. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has things they see that others don’t see and things they don’t see that others do see. That’s why we all need other people – so their strengths can cover our weaknesses – so they can see what we don’t see. There’s no shame in tapping into the strengths and insight of others. In fact, the business owner or executive who feels it’s essential to be a part of a “mastermind group” and who frequently solicits “outside perspectives” is the one who ALWAYS wins in the game of business. In contrast, the business owner or executive who tries to know it all, do it all, be it all and closes out others – holding to a self-fabricated position of power – is the one who ALWAYS loses in the game of business.

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