Affiliate Program Review – Is This the Easiest Home Business Ever?

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Jun 10

This Affiliate Program Review article will look at the program, ‘Easiest Home Business Ever’, brainchild of Australians, Wes Thornton and Andrew Clancy.

In short this business consists of a very comprehensive training program and access to the unique Freagle affiliate marketing platform and your own 3D eCommerce affiliate store.

In my opinion to be successful in any affiliate marketing business you will need to fulfill four criteria:

1. You must have the mindset to be successful.

2. You must know how to market effectively.

3. You must choose the right products to market

4. You must be able to take consistent action over time

So how will this program assist one to fulfill the above criteria?

By far the biggest reason why people do not succeed in business, particularly online businesses is that they never develop a business mindset. To be successful one has to be able to commit to a program, products and strategy until one is successful or sure beyond reasonable doubt that a change should be made. What happens in reality is people bail out at the fist sign of an obstacle and then go on to change affiliations and products without ever becoming successful at anything.

Developing the right mindset is the most important requirement for success and most often the most neglected. In the world of affiliate marketing this area is usually left up to each individual to take care of unlike with some network marketing companies. What this means is that you have to do your own personal development until such time as you have done enough work on yourself so that you are able to use the power and influence of your subconscious mind effectively.

I was both pleased and surprised to see that part of the training for this program includes some third party personal development videos. These will be helpful but I doubt whether sufficient for most new marketers. I firmly believe that you can have the best products and all marketing know-how but without the right mindset it will be almost impossible for you to succeed.

In terms of learning how to market, this program offers one of the best systems I have encountered, called “Online Cash Secrets”. One of the reasons for this is that is extremely comprehensive, catering for absolute beginners and moving on to more complex strategies. Secondly the course is well structured and presented. It is “fed” to you monthly in bite sized sections. The advantage of this is that you are able to focus on one area properly before moving on to the next. Too often training courses are dumped in their entirety on learners who decide to pick and choose what they want to learn about, resulting in holes in their learning which impacts on future success. This is very much a one stop shop for training as you are taught absolutely everything there is to know about marketing. There are tele-seminars and videos to accompany all 12 learning modules. Even if you did nothing but complete this course it would be worth the monthly subscription fee.

Choosing the right products to market will ultimately be your responsibility but with the research process that their training provides, you will be well equipped with everything you need to make healthy decisions. If you are not able to do so it will be purely because you have not applied what you have been taught.

Being part of this program gives you free access to the unique affiliate marketing platform called Freagle. This is a unique platform consisting of a website system where one “puts up a free product” in exchange for the right to advertise on the member’s only site. Questions and surveys related to your website can be added to the free product listing which members can answer. Points are awarded to members which are accrued and can be used to bid on the free items. The idea is that the questions which relate to your website will drive them there to find the answers.

In addition you will also receive a 3D eCommerce affiliate store of your own to use for marketing.

The program is backed by a 56 day money back guarantee which has to be regarded as an important factor when deciding who to align oneself with.

While you will receive one of the best affiliate systems I have seen to date, do not believe that everything is going to be done for you, far from it. This brings me to the last of the four criteria. You will need to be able to take consistent action over time which will require your active input. If you are really serious about being an affiliate marketer then I assume you would want to do this anyway. There is absolutely no reason why anybody who applied themselves could not be successful with this program.

And now I’d like to invite you to read more about this in the following post: Easiest Home Business Ever.

From: Marcus A. Baker – The Coach For Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs.

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