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By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jun 15

Does it ever seem like you get a ton of article ideas while you’re lying in bed trying to sleep but the next morning you draw a blank? Do you ever get comfortable and ready for bed, thinking about the day ahead of you and then suddenly get flooded with great article ideas you don’t want to lose? This is actually a common problem for many people but if you find yourself in this position, there are some things you can do to make it work for you.

Here are some tips to help you savor and make use of those article ideas at bed time:

  • Bring a pad of paper and a pen to the bed with you. Keep it by the bedside so you can write down ideas as they come. You might also want to keep a lamp, book light or small flashlight there as well.
  • Keep an article jouirnal and write in it just before bed to get many of those ideas out.
  • Write down your dreams when you wake up- they could contain great ideas as well.
  • Use a small tape recorder to speak your ideas into and get them off your mind while also saving them for the next day.
  • Have a filing system to sort and store the ideas that you come up with

With these tips and ideas, you can make the most of any of those article ideas that come through to you after you turn out the lights to go to bed. Once this becomes a habit for you, then you’ll never have to worry about missing article ideas anymore and you’ll also carry this idea and practice over into other areas of your life so you are documenting and remembering article ideas from the grocery store, the drive home from work, etc.

You’ll have so many ideas, your only problem will be in how to write all those articles!

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