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By Brian Baulch | Blog

May 21

Networking is the art of building enduring relationships and bonds. Networking does not mean contacting everyone when you go in a business meeting or when you need a job and asking them if their company is hiring. Networking starts long before its benefits start coming in front of you and you might not even recognize you are doing it. There is a movie with the title “6 Degrees of Separation” which points out that every person in this world is 6 people away from an influential and powerful person. You might be 6 people away from your own president or you might be 6 people away from a famous Hollywood celebrity.

Networking has many forms and shapes. You are mostly engaged in networking when you attend business exhibitions, business networking functions, and events, children’s events and talk to other parents there etc. When you volunteer for a social support activity, it’s also networking. When you visit different social clubs and religious events with your colleague or when you engage with your neighbors in certain activities, it’s also networking. When you have a chat with someone at some office or when you send emails on mailing lists or chat rooms or when you talk to different sales reps when they come to your office, you are engaged in networking.

Although face to face interaction is said to be as very important to build enduring relationships, yet another form of networking is through internet called online networking. Internet can offer you huge potential and opportunities to build long lasting relationships. Internet can be used as great source to network and expand your contact list to make your business grow. But as it is not a face to face meeting, it can be quite difficult to build trust in such relationship. But it is difficult, no doubt, not impossible. You must have heard of some couple who originally started chatting on internet and then gradually built trust and a bond of everlasting relationship. It needs huge amount of investment in terms of effort. Online networking also demands you to be genuine and authentic. Always try to be strictly honest. It is not an easy market to capture but all you need to do is to do it right way. Our body language and voice can’t be used to show our expressions. Therefore our words should be chosen very carefully to present out honest and sincere intentions.

The new and old internet users need to remember that behind these electronic monitors, there are sitting real human beings who have real brains and hearts to make real decisions and judgments on the basis of your conversation style and words. So be honest and genuine.

Main benefit of online networking is that you can find hundreds of people on discussion groups and chat rooms to start networking. You can make a very good impression before having the first meeting. There are many hiring agencies on the internet to find potential candidates as well. so online networking can offer huge potential for networking.

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