Books vs. e-Books: Infographic

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Aug 18

What do you prefer? What do the formats use in electronic books?

A book (P-Book) or an eBook or both. We all know what eBook mean but because we love our friend Netlingo dot com definition for the sake of Gen YGen X, Gen E, or any generations out there. states ” eBook is a short for electronic book (also seen as ebook and eBook) while p-book or printed book is a slang for a good old fashioned printed book (as opposed to an e-book). . It’s a book that can be downloaded and read on a computer or other digital device. For example, envision a brave new world where freshmen college students load their electronic book readers with “e-books” that contain their curricula and textbooks for the next four years, then they simply log on to the Internet for updates. The challenge is developing a hardware medium that will make e-reading more soothing on the eyes. For most e-book formats, you need a PDA or handheld device. Advances are being made regard to the quality of e-book readers. There are several e-book formats:”

The Mobipocket Reader
The Adobe / Glassbook eBook Reader
Microsoft Reader
HTML format
The Open eBook Publication Structure
The Rocket eBook
The SoftBook
Adobe PDF
Rich Text Format



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