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Nov 26


VoxOx is the first ever “Universal Communication Service” that unifies all of today’s key communication channels – voice, video, Instant Messaging (IM), text, social media, e-mail, and content sharing – into a single, intuitive interface that gives you control of your contacts, conversations and most importantly, your interconnected lifestyles,  both now and the future! It combines the benefits of VoIP solutions, interoperable IMs, Web services and social networking aggregators and much more at no cost.

VoxOx is a consumer service created by TelCentris™ Inc., a new type of Telephony Company founded by seasoned telecom veterans in San Diego, Calif. For more information on TelCentris, please visit

 Download Beta version you get 2 Hours Call Time for downloading and operating this all in one communication messenger program. Invite 10 Friends to recharge their success in building business and social networking, you will gain 20 hours of talk time for free, just for inviting 10 friends, use it to leverage your time in life today; this may be bigger than Skype soon…why not? Internet is about innovations!


Feel Free to add us our number on VoxOx is 19095251754


After Downloading VoxOx please comment back your thought about this tool.  Do you think it will be better than Skype very soon?


Here is why we think it will be greater than Skype:


VoxOx is an entirely new way to take complete control of your interconnected lifestyle. Never miss a call. Never miss a text, IM, e-mail or fax. Make a conference call or video chat with the click of a mouse. Call anywhere in the world for pennies… or even better, for free!

Phone Service

Take Control of Phone Service!  Call anywhere in the world for pennies… and if you help spread the word about VoxOx, it could be free!

We get you started with 2 hours of free call time.Invite ten friends and get 20 hours extra call time.

Video Conferencing

Take Control of Video Conferencing! Start a video conversation within seconds with a webcam.  You can see who you’re talking with or view the Webcam of any contact who has granted you access.


Take Control of Reach-me service!  Have calls forwarded to your home, your office, your cell… from your central VoxOx phone number… It’s as easy as clicking your mouse.

Voicemail and Fax

Take Control of Voicemail and Fax!  You’ll never be out-of-touch.
Your messages will be forwarded as email attachments making them accessible

from any computer you’re working at or web-enabled mobile device.

Instant Messenger

Take Control of IM! Forget about who belongs to which network… and whether you do or don’t. VoxOx’s Universal Instant Messenger lets you connect with everyone!


Take Control of Texting! VoxOx makes it easy to text from your computer. Receive, too. Stubby fingered people of the world, unite!


Take Control of Email! Message your contacts using email without the fear of receiving SPAM. VoxOx offers a brand new way of sending and receiving email from a fun, chat-like interface!

Social Networking

Take Control of Social Networking! View and link out to all of your social network contacts from one central location. View and update all of your own social network profiles as well!

Contact Management

Take Control of Contact Management! Automatically import contacts from every network you belong to on the web using your VoxOx Setup Wizard!  Whether it’s IM buddies, social network friends, or just email contacts… you’ll be connected easier and faster than ever.

File Transfers

Take Control of File Transfers! Need to send or receive a big file attachment?  VoxOx makes it easy… Access that file from a downloadable link via e-mail, IM, or text message at anytime from any computer.

Go Global

Take Control Goes Global! Need to call Peoria from Poland? Rhode Island from Istanbul? VoxOx lets you turn any phone in the world into a VoxOx phone; those expensive calls home just got super cheap or better yet, free!

Cool Features

Take Control! Cool new features are being added to VoxOx almost every day!  Our aim: putting you in total control of your interconnected lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy this free communication software. Remember there is free support from their website. Download now at Do share with us your thought about this tool. Do you think or feel it could be better than Skype very soon?

Please add us to your Voxox our number is 19095251754

Communicate with you soon in a recharged environment!


Brian and Jennifer Baulch

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