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By Brian Baulch | Custom Greeting Cards Online

May 05

Send a free Mother's Day Card

How do you describe your mother to us? We’re not expecting a perfect answer but a simple honest answer if you can, please share on the comment section below.

What does your mother mean to your life whether they are your real mom, mother-figure mom, grandmother, wife or daughter? For those who value and grateful for their moms, mother-figure, grannies or wives; why don’t you take this opportunity to send them your personalized card by you? Right in front of your computer and Internet, you can send at least 2 customized cards for free and the cost is on us. This is our mother’s day gift to you that you can use now to let your mothers know they’re valued and cared for.

Rechargelife poem lines to our mothers:

Mother knits and crochets the love at home.

They are perfect quilts, warm and sweet.

They shine like candles in the dark.

They are like beautiful flowers bloom in each season.

They make the house a home!

Mother’s Day brings back memories of our mother!

How she wraps us nice and warm from a cold winter night…

How she lullabies us to make us sleep tight…

How she answers all our inquisitiveness and innocence…

And sometimes, she could not answer them all and dad comes in handy!

Rechargelife wants to rekindle your Mother’s Day comes in handy for you by sending at least 2 custom cards for free. We do appreciate your time and feedback if you have any and may this season for our mothers live forever not just on Mother’s Day.

Simply click that banner below to send your greetings cards online:

Send a free Mother's Day Card

Recharge your Mother’s Day as the Queen,

Brian & Jennifer Baulch

P.S. Our sample custom card with flowers from our mini garden:

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