Discover your entrepreneurial calling because of ANZAC Day

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Apr 26
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Be inspired to succeed in your entrepreneurial venture. If you’re still discovering your entrepreneurial calling may the ANZAC legacy build upon your visions and dreams of your business opportunity.

Brief overview of ANZAC Day, every 25th of April, Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring countries commemorate this day. It commemorates the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915. The 25th of April was officially named ANZAC Day in 1916.

What ANZAC stands for?  It is Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. In 1917, the word Anzac meant someone who fought at Gallipoli and later it became to mean any Australian or New Zealander who fought or served in the First World War. During the Second World War, ANZAC became a day on which the lives of all Australians lost in war time were remembered. The spirit of ANZAC recognises the qualities of courage, relationship and sacrifice which were established at the Gallipoli landing.

Because of the Anzac spirit established by our forefathers at Gallipoli, we truly believe this event has opened the door to business opportunities in many countries that would have been closed to entrepreneurial partnerships pre-Anzac. Many of those nations are now growing great commercial relationships with each other. Not to mention ANZAC biscuits aside, which aussies really like to bake or buy them.

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We believe there is a child in all of us adults, this has been seen with the establishment of trading products and resources from county to country. In our very human nature we are wired as a baby to exchange and interact with other babies growing together in knowledge, wisdom, building partnerships and sharing with each other. Yes there are times a baby or child will make war or fight with another but always they are wired to re-establish that relationship. This is what we believe took place on ANZAC Day to help us all grow in wisdom and understanding for greater reestablishment of relationships between people and countries.

We would love to hear from you how do you see ANZAC Day for the entrepreneur, business builder and life success in general? Please watch the short video about business networking from childhood below and don’t forget please share your ideas and thoughts.

Business networking sprung from childhood?

Here is the English translation of the video:

1. See what I am going to show you
2. Are these new?
3. Yes
4. Great!
5. So how do you find it?
6. It is like a sponge (It is absorbing, absorbing)
7. We held it so long! (Holding pee)
8. (The cleaner says it is OK No problem He can wait)
9. I am done
10. Oh, now I feel great (that I peed-thank God)
11. Let’s go
12. Did you wash your hands, man?
13. I did, I did…
 14. Every baby super absorbent, super

We recommend you going to this website and experience the Anzac Cove landing with ABC’s interactive 3D website, very educational for the whole family, based on the first day landing at Gallipoli. Please let us know what you think of this interactive experience?

Anzac Cove landing with ABC`s interactive 3D website.

By Brian and Jennifer Baulch

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