Mar 17

A congratulation to our brother Rickson on his graduation! This custom card is a sample that anyone can make for someone who is graduating. We are offering you an opportunity to send your own graduation card to your family members or friends for free. Yes, send your real graduation card for free online. The card and postage cost is on us. There are many cards you can choose from if you don’t have photos ready from your PC. If you are interested on the custom greeting cards or have further
question please feel free to contact us or leave your comments below. The important thing is you personalize your own message to that person whom you are sending the card. You don’t need to drive to the bookstore and find a card. Just click the link and simply follow the instruction on how to send your card online.

Click here to customize your card online

“Education & trainings are great tools ~it’s up to us what we really passionate about to use them in the world industry, in the marketplace we live, in our called-mission/ministry, etc~”

The cliche says, “graduation is the beginning…to succeed in your journey”. You truly have made this far and have learned your ground/fundamental tools. We congratulate you for your great patience, determination and pursuing patience that your educational tools will be used or utilized where you desire for it. We believe that you will strive for greater things and not just being good. Jim Collins said in his book “Good is the enemy of Great!” We totally agree because He is Almighty God & his greatness is insurmountable in a world that is always looking for an answer to questions that cannot be answered even by a rocket scientist!  We thought sometimes as humans we’re just content to be good but there’s more you & I can accomplish especially if you spend years of university studies, training & experiments. Bro, you can make it to follow your dreams where your heart is. If you fail or commit mistakes along the way…don’t forget to “fail forward” not “fail backward”! The key is always in your heart and it only takes your two hands & feet to act on it when you’re ready. Have a great time and be focused on your licensure exam review!

We congratulate you both with our cat Ivy! She also just graduated the same month with you Rix…lol.

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