Hope & Opportunity to Recession Proof Success

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Nov 20
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World powers such as Governments, Economy, Television, Radio, Newspapers, etc. are all trying to convince us that we are all in a crises.  Yes l do agree with the stock markets, housing, bank and financial institution crises BUT isn’t that doom and gloom every single human person needs to face in the world?

Are the world economic crises the responsibilities of the Governments, Reserve Bank of U.S.A and Corporate Business Giants in the financial and housing sectors burden to deal with?

Can songs or music offer Hope, Success and Build Life Values for Small Business and families of Blue and White Colour workers?

Can this economical climate offer real value and opportunity for Entrepreneurs, Business Networkers, Internet Marketers and Multi Level Marketing in the Age of New Media?

Are Factory workers, Industrial Workers, Process workers, Machine Operator etc…? Zombie like JOBS? What would you consider Zombie like Jobs? Do you think humans can go through life like a Zombie if they don’t live their dreams and passions? What is a Zombie to you?

Have you heard this or know about it? PLEASE READ BELOW

All You Zombies, Written by The Hooters, from their Nervous Night, Album Released in 1985

Holy Moses met the Pharaoh

Yeah, he tried to set him straight

Looked him in the eye

“Let my people go”


Holy Moses on the mountain

High above the golden calf

Went to get the Ten Commandments

Yeah, he’s just gonna break ‘em in half



All you zombies hide your faces

All you people in the street

All you sittin’ in high places

The pieces gonna fall on you


No one ever spoke to Noah

They all laughed at him instead

Working on his ark

Working all by himself


Only Noah saw it coming

Forty days and forty nights

Took his sons and daughters with him

Yeah, they were the Israelites



The rain’s gonna fall on you


Holy Father, what’s the matter

Where have all your children gone

Sitting in the dark

Living all by themselves

You don’t have to hide any more


{Refrain, except :}

All you zombies show your faces…

The pieces gonna fall on you


All you zombies show your faces, I know you’re
out there

All you people in the street, let’s see you

All you sittin’ in high places

It’s all gonna fall on you


Is this a prophetic song?

Is it Biblical message of the future Global Crises we are currently experiencing, which is affecting us all on a global scale?

Or is the song and lyrics just meaningless coincidence?

We hope this SONG may offer best opportunity… reflection time… a season to build and grow to recharge your life with optimism and great hope!

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