How to enhance your photo online?

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jan 31

Hope you have a great blessed new 2011 and beyond everyone!

There are multiple or simple ways to enhance or edit your photos. Here are few samples that we have edited (Tuxpified) online, you can do it too if you haven’t seen it before. We thought it’s handy and hope it recharge your photo blogging or posting with style. You may have noticed it in some blogs and wonder how can they make that without buying Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw photoshop, etc. What we have used below is through, which has 50 editing tools you can choose from. We have only selected a few:

1. Newscast editing tool – Breaking News Live “Jackaroo & Jillaroo’s fusion at the Aussie outback to launch their organic farm vegetables and fruits. There’s a rise and demand of organic products worldwide as we as consumers are waking up what are we putting to the table or our mouth every day that would really benefit us nutritionally.

2. Photo Film editing – make your negative vividly scanned!

3. Stardust editing tool – great for night photos.

4. Motivational Poster editing – I often see this on other blog posters, which is alike with the Photobucket editing tool they got on their site. It’s very handy tool! BTW don’t forget to come and watch the outback movie premier 2011! Entitled the “Outback Aussie Pinoy Movie” first in Australia film.

5. Shape editing tool –for those in love or lovers here’s a way to heart your photos!

6. Postage Stamp editing tool – fairdinkum dinky aussie postage pinoy stamp first in Australia ever!

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