Image is everything, in business.

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Jan 12
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Venturing or growing a small business for the first time; the New Year often commences a great time to reflect and grow new hope with goal setting taking place and planning your business year.

The number ingredient in every small business, no matter what industry it is including internet marketing, network marketing, MLM, or home based business is personal branding with the rise of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, etc…. People are demanding personal branding well at least generation y and x are choosing what they want to buy on services and products from small business that are giving personal interaction.

To kick a new start of year 2009 on a lighter and humorous thought provoking note, please watch a very small business video below.

 The Australian tax-payers channel ABC TV last year aired a new comedy show called Very Small Business starring Kim Gyngell and Wayne Hope. If you’ve watched it already, can you share your thoughts about television series? If you haven’t watched it yet, go to Very Small Business website and watch the episode and tell us what you think about it!

Wayne Hope plays the character Don Angel. Does his character remind you of someone in business?

Success and hope be with you,

Brian and Jennifer Baulch

From YouTube: He wants to buy a car that communicates strength, success and power without arrogance. Something that says he’s a mover, shaker, sexy, sporty, refined and simpatico with the Worldwide Business Group. A car is an extension of his personality.

Very Small Business “Image is everything in business”

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