Iphone Chargers Called Apple Juice

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May 01
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Iphone Chargers Called Apple Juice

This was humor posted from Photofy app when it was not yet updated to its more complicated usage than the great simplicity and user-friendly it was before 🙂

Don’t you agree with Green Apple Smith, why didn’t Iphone chargers or Ipad branded them as Apple Juice or Apple Cider charger. I used Green Smith Apple because the background instagram post was green. What is your thought on apple? For both users of apple and android, you can share as many pros and cons or shall we say the Apple religion only and the Android religion only. It is amazing how there are users who only swear by only using one way or the other especially the Apples! 🙂

No doubt, maybe Doctor Who fans would be more the Android Way as they love to regenerate from the endless apps in the market especially for free from its open source. Needless to say, the App Developers usually develop beta test for Apples before Android 🙂 What an Apple market indeed! Otherwise Apple fruits could have been in great demand for charging Apple gadgets like those potato charger for a clock.

For now, enjoy your Green Apple Smith charger if you happened to have one or your potato clock!


What about Potato Charger?

Potato Clock Charger – we often get the Jaycar Electronics catalog at home with all the junk mails sent every week. Sometimes, I would check out JayCar catalog what new gadgets are trending and the Potato charging a clock does really stands out! Here’s the photo from their site.

potato charger

Photo credit via Jaycar.com.au

Therefore, if Potato can charge so does Apple!

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