Is it global crisis, recession or great business opportunity?

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Oct 29

Some might say recession is not good but others would say it’s a great opportunity! I agree that this is the right timing for us to recess our mind and find that opportunity we are passionate about….Great to know that we have even more opportunities on this generation than it was the last time of so-called recession or depression.

Investopedia Says: “Recession is a normal (albeit unpleasant) part of the business cycle. A recession generally lasts from six to 18 months.” Could they really predict the exact time and just wait there like most of us Aussies would say “it should be right mate?”  Isn’t it interesting that we are all given the choice to seek, find, and research where the opportunities lie behind this so-called recession we are today?

Home-based business opportunity is booming like it has never been before in our global economy. Kiyosaki & Trump’s book stated “If I had to do it all over again rather than build an old style of business a Referral Marketing Business.” In Australia alone, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in 2003, as many as 67% of all 784,800 small businesses in Australia, were actually home based businesses. With an estimated 4% increase rate per year.

We are all individuals who are already connected to certain union, business networks, corporations, different marketers, bloggers, nationalities, tribes, even church networks, and many others in the marketplace world we live in. There are many opportunities to choose from if we want to do the things we are passionate to do outside our normal job or daily life. Something we really love to do and not demanded by the hours to work to a corporate job without security when the economic crises arise anytime, anywhere in the western world.

Here’s an excerpt from a book, “StartUp Nation” by Jeff and Rich Sloan

“Now is always the best time to start your business. That’s right. Right now. We truly believe that it’s possible for your business to succeed no matter what the economy is doing, no matter what stock market sectors are up or down, or what niches venture capitalists think are hot or not. Many of our country’s most successful companies were born during the toughest of times.We believe that many of the reasons businesses fail have far more to do with factors you can control than the ones you cannot control. Certainly, unexpected events, such as the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, can serve up a situation that could be impossible to overcome for a business—big or small. You can’t control world affairs. You can’t control the economy. You certainly can’t control the stock market, and you’re never going to control venture capitalists. But in general, events and issues outside your control do not have to ruin your chance for success as an entrepreneur. You can control how much research you do on your big idea. You can control which strategies you choose to include in your business plan and how you spend your money. You can control whom you hire, and you certainly have control over charting your business’s course for the future.

5 Reasons to Start a Business Now:

1. Technology levels the playing field between you and big business.
2. Today, the phrase, “corporate job security” is an oxymoron.
3. The Internet provides an unprecedented opportunity to start an online business at minimal cost.
4. Like never before, business can be done from home.
5. Corporate outsourcing to smaller businesses creates an abundance of opportunities.

Bonus Reason: The only person who can boss you around is you!

Where do we get this somewhat crazy idea that no matter what the rest of the world is doing, now is always the best time to start your own business? From our in-the-trenches experiences riding out two major gyrations in the economy in the past 16 years. From our exposure to thousands of other successful entrepreneurs in our StartupNation community. And as a host of a live syndicated radio show where we interact with entrepreneurs nationally. We know of thousands of businesses that have hung the “Open for Business” sign on their doors just before and just after the dot-com bust. Many of them have succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations. Indeed, for many, believe that “now is always the best time to start your new business” has put them in a far better position for success than if they’d waited for the economy to turn around.Now, we know it’s all too easy to push back; to stick with whatever you’ve believed up until this momen—whatever has kept you from starting up. We deal with those roadblocks from quagmire callers all the time on our radio show. What we’ve found is that people hesitate for one of two reasons—either their immobilized by fear of what they don’t know, or they’re just scared away by what they think they do know. Myths about starting up a business are rampant, leading people to use those myths as the crutch that keeps them from moving forward. So, the first thing we have to do is start busting apart those myths.”

By Brian & Jennifer Baulch


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