Most Cats Love Sardines

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Aug 03
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Someone made fun of this photo via and simply judge the cat a ” totally useless cat”. If you live with cats from childhood to adulthood, you’d find that each cat displays different behaviours alike with us people. On a different angle maybe this kitten grew up with the mouse together or the kitten would just love company as she will have her sardines later anyway or her fresh meats to eat bought from the supermarket. Our current cat now does love catching little mice when they arrived near our compost bin yet she never caught the big rats as in this photo. Our cat does play with them, she tried to eat some of them and maybe she realized they’re too small to eat to fill her belly. She just love to show it to us what she caught out there until the poor little mouse died, useless and left it on the carport.

This kitten below expresses brilliantly, discoveres a real friend, snuggles and companion despite their differences. Maybe this kitten adores sardines better than mouse or rat for its food opportunity. What do you think? What does your cat love to eat?

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