Should You Use Big Words When Writing Articles?

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Dec 16
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By Lisa A Mason

How many times have you started reading an article only to find yourself looking up a word in every two or three sentences? Some writers enjoy using big words in the articles they write. After all, it’s a great way to show off how much knowledge you have, right? Using big words might be great for certain venues but the average reader searching for information on the Internet won’t benefit from this. In fact, they may not even be able to understand what you’ve written.

Your goal as a writer is to communicate with the reader, not prove how smart you are. You can’t accomplish your goal if the readers are having trouble understanding your content. Internet users want to find what they need and move on to something else. They may not have time to look up words to find their meaning while in the middle of another search. It can get annoying very quickly so instead the reader will often click away to new information that’s easier to understand.

Big words can also make reading the article more difficult. The words won’t flow properly, making it awkward to read the sentences. This will also discourage readers and send them in search of new information. Using big words incorrectly is also a problem many writers encounter. When this happens, it hurts your credibility. Readers may wonder how reliable the rest of your content is if you’re using words improperly.

There are times when using big words are appropriate and even necessary but they often do more harm than good in article writing. Use words that are simple and easy to read and your content will attract more readers.

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