The Lion Whisperer an Inspirational Masterpiece

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Nov 22

Simply brilliant let your light shine!

Whatever your heart is telling you!

Whatever your passion is, let it take you there!

Your brilliance is so needed in the world around you.

Your uniqueness may be yet to be discovered.

What’s whispering in your ear?

What does the Lion Whisperer version shares to you?

Share your unique brilliance!

Let the world see the eternal Creator through you.

Only you can continually educate yourself like you can do!

Institution cannot serve the great designer like your brilliant masterpiece can!

Only you can really show your great creative design given by the creator of all things!

What if this man had allowed fear to take over his calling plan in life?

How did he train those lions without learning the ABC’s of training lions by an institution?

Are you being prompted to something but your fear takes over you? Fret not!

If there’s any time to do it – do it now with discernment against your whispering-enemies.

What would the world be missing to see and discover – through you?

Share today your brilliance too, you know you can!

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