The Stupidly Simple Way To Rank On Page One Of Google

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Apr 09

There’s a new system that has just arrived on the scene that offers everyday people just like you and me to achieve page one, top ten results on Google using nothing but a free one page mini-site!

Although these sites are only one page, they consistently dominating the search engines and blowing away many heavily SEO optimised sites, in fact it’s not unusual to see these sites within the top five positions where the competition runs into tens of millions.

The creator of the Stupidly Simple SEO System, Phil Henderson, has put together a site that shows the results he has and is enjoying and he’s also agreed to post a free video that allows you to watch over his shoulder as he selects a product to promote, builds a simple one page site and presses submit and then watch as the site hits the top of Google in a matter of minutes. It truly is amazing!

Phil has created an easy to follow-step-by-step process that a six year old child could follow. He wants this system to be available to all as it truly is a game changer.

Phil Henderson states. “when I stumbled on this system I knew it would be ideal for those people who have¬† struggled to make even a dime online, I also knew it would be a great ¬†addition to any marketers arsenal to generate free traffic to any website or offer they wished.

The fact that these pages can be set up and ranking on page one of Google within 20 minutes only enhances the effectiveness even more. I would say that this system is a must have for everyone as it addresses so many of the issues we marketers face today.

We’ve released this first part to give people a good introduction to my methods and tools and we will be following these up with even more profit pulling strategies over the coming weeks and months”.

Personally we’re all for keeping things simple and we were pleasantly surprised at how easy the video was to follow. There are more detailed videos and accompanying workbooks that will help you set these site up even faster and so help you to make money far quicker.

You can find out more from the Stupidly Simple SEO site by a click on this banner.

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