The Ultimate Social Networking Video Gift Christmas Extravaganza!

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Dec 30

We hope you had a wonderful and thought provoking Christmas day with your family and friends. Did it include any social networking this year?

With the increase of social networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook it has really made it a lot easier and even cheaper than 10 years ago connecting with family and friends who can’t be with us on Christmas season. It may be because they are interstate or in another country.

Phone cost have come down considerably as well as the phenomenal growth of internet broadband it has made using social networking video sites a great way to connect visually with family, like never before possible at any point in history over long distance. Kind of have a real heart to heart connection making distance nearly a thing of the past!

Now we have the new growing sleeping giant in the mobile phone arena with the advancement in smart phone technology you can be nearly at any location depending on wireless internet range. You can easily connect with family while enjoying Christmas or holidays anywhere if you are using smartphone technology to social network with video. Did you use social networking video sites this Christmas season?

With all the advancement in technology that help us to connect by video on social networking sites we should not forget what the true and original story behind the reason for having a day called Christmas season.
We would like to share with you three unique videos we discovered, storytelling the true and real reason behind the Christmas story. You may ask why watch another Christmas video? Well we can tell you this is a unique Christmas gift extravaganza click. Watch the three videos below and you will understand what we mean by social networking extravaganza, it’s a gift like no other you would have seen we promise enjoy! Please share your thoughts was it the same old Christmas video? Did it take you by surprise? Was it a humongous gift for you?

Old Boring Christmas Nativity Storytelling, Revamped To Social Networking Christmas Nativity 2.0!

Christmas Nativity Gave Birth To Facebook?

No Shopping at Shopping Centre, It Goes Crazy & Mad at Christmas time 2010!

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