Top 3 Reasons How Website Audio Can Increase Your Sales

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jul 27

After you setup a website to sell your product and have decent success in
conversing visitors to buyers, what else can you do to increase your sales

There is a simple one.

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You add streaming audios onto your website. This can
potentially increase your sales by up to 35% depending on the niche market that
you are in!

The top 3 reasons how website audio can help yours sales are as follow:

Reason 1: The way visitor use your website

A significant number of visitors are more receptive to audio rather than visual
words. By adding streaming audio on your sales page, you increase your chances
of it being ‘read’ by your visitors. You hit 2 of their senses with your
marketing messages.

Allowing visitors to click an audio button to receive your core marketing
message in professionally delivered audio will do more to turn prospect into
customers than a thousand words on your sales copy.

Reason 2: Added Credibility

Streaming audio also adds credibility to your website. Your visitors know that
you are not hiding behind a cover. People get to hear from the person who they
are going to do business with. This builds up their trust in you and will
definitely boost your conversion rate.

Reason 3: Deliver your marketing message in least amount of time

Competition is fierce and getting noticed in a crowded marketplace is difficult.
You must do more than just state your offering or even provide the same me-too
promotion, you must be able to deliver your most persuasive sales pitch in the
least amount of time before your visitor leaves your website.

It only takes 136 words to write one minute worth of audio. With the right 136
emotion-triggering words, delivered professionally with background fade-in music
loop, you can deliver more information then one minute worth of website sales
copy can. This way you can sell your marketing messages more effectively.

Adding and creating streaming audio is not as hard as you have been led to
believe and you don’t even have to pay a monthly fee either. You can start with
sound recorder (pre-installed on every Windows computer) and the free microphone
that came with your computer. There are also free tools around that can help
greatly help you in this process.

Once you have gained sufficient experience and want to move to the next level
with your website audio, just add in background music loops to give it that
professional feel. There are many sites that sell royalty-free music loops. Add
the appropriate music loop to give your audio message for that extra edge. It’s
that simple. Yet not many marketers are doing this.

So start right away now! Create your own website audio professionally and let it
helps in your sales conversion today.

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Rivka Rhump June 24, 2010

hmmmm…i don’t think I go along with what you wrote, but I like the way you put your arguement across in those beliefs. Just started following your RSS.

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