Unexpected Gift from a Friend

By Brian Baulch | Custom Greeting Cards Online

Mar 17

An unexpected surprise gift from a friend in Korea! Sometimes as humans, we feel down and just at the right time someone somewhere a person is thinking about you to cheer up your day. Below is my heartfelt message for a special friend. If you have a friend you have not in contact with for sometime, why not take this opportunity to send a personalized real card online for free? The real card and postage cost is on us. If you are interested on the system, just leave your message on the comment below or email us so we can get back to you. Just go to click link and you can read the instruction there what to do in simple steps ready ~

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thank you card

Hi Lyn, you too surprising girl! Thank you very much sistah & your family for my unexpected lovely gift you sent me. Just got it today! I’m prompted to post in our new web blog (“,) and to let you know it arrives safely with its beautiful wrap on it & lovely note! My hubby is wondering if I was praying for a new bag? hehe… I’m about to say to him, it reminds me one of my fav bags, which was red colour and I missed it some time ago! This one is like a perfect replacement & sentimental because of the surprise giver! Delivery is very quick in just 3 days I think according to the posted date. I like the style & colour ok?

It cheers up my day while this nasty Hayfever was attacking me today…I think my red bag psychologically blown it away with my hubby’s prayer as well! Bless you Lyn, Arnel & Aaron!

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