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By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jun 03

According to this article in USA today, YouTube has 5.5 billion streams and 58.1% of the online video market:  http://tinyurl.com/WhyYouTubeMatters

That means that if you use video in your marketing, you definitely want your videos on YouTube. Having your videos on YouTube, when properly submitted, often gets you top positions for your keywords.

Like many marketers, I submit to a variety of video  sharing sites. Yet, just as with search engines, only a handful get the vast majority of traffic.

As an Internet marketer, we’ve been conditioned to focus on quantity. That is, submitting to as many sites as  practical. However, that may not be the best approach.

Flashing back a few years, there were many search engine submission services that offered to submit your url to  over 1000 of the top search engines. The reality was that there were fewer than 10 search engines that mattered, and submitting to many of the other low quality places could actually HURT your ranking in Google (or the top  search engines at the time).

YouTube has become such an excellent source of traffic that many marketers have begun marketing too aggressively, and YouTube is striking back.   This blog post by Jeff Schechter explains the problem nicely:   http://tr.im/UToob

Basically, YouTube is noticing that a lot of users completely ignore their terms of service, “by creating multiple accounts,  overloading tags and keywords at the expense of content, using  ‘friend getter’ type softwares, and a host of other ‘black hat’ tactics.”

Many top Internet marketing, and network marketing trainers have taught using these aggressive tactics. So have many of the leading video sharing sites. In fact, according to the blog post above, the top dog in automated video submissions, Traffic Geyser, has gotten many YouTube users’ accounts shut down.

Now, I use automated video submissions myself.  In fact, I am part owner of an automated video, audio, article and  press release submission service. That service is called Easy Push Button Traffic. I became part owner because I loved how easy and reliably the software works.

I also wanted to give my clients an affordable tool that WOULDN’T get them banned.

I noticed that many of the other services were encouraging  users to do things like “spinning” content or submitting the same video repeatedly, only giving them different titles and descriptions.

You may ask what’s wrong with that?  It harms the video sharing sites by decreasing the quality of user experiences (driving users to other sites).  A person watches a video on a topic, and then looks for related videos. They watch a second video with a different title and description, only to discover that it’s the SAME video. Those users naturally complain to the video  sharing sites, and the video sharing sites naturally strike back BANNING those who submitted the videos.

At Easy Push Button Traffic, we owners took a different approach. We insisted on protecting our customers even if they don’t know that they need protecting.  We use what Jay Abraham  calls his “Strategy of Preeminence” – putting the client’s best interest FIRST!

It’s absolutely CRIMINAL to us to allow one of our users to  spend weeks or even months setting up a  video campaign to  generate traffic and brand their products, only to have YouTube and the other sites delete their work when they notice blackhat tactics.

We insisted upon being 100% white hat… even when our customers often asked for blackhat capabilities.

Easy Push Button Traffic bucked the trend in another area. While many video submission services were adding as many submission sites as possible, we insisted on ONLY submitting to the top sites that matter and generate traffic for our target market.

Just as the search engine submission services advertising that they submitted to over 1000 places often submitted to link farms, or free-for-all pages on porn sites, many of the video  sites also cater primarily to porn, reality television type material, and stuff that primarily interested teenagers.

Having your video on many of these sites will actually HURT your Google ranking. Google owns YouTube incidentally, and their algorithm does consider where your videos are streamed from!

What matters most when using an automated submission service is how many quality sites will actually accept and publish your submissions.  It’s also important how much traffic those sites get.

We’ve subscribed to most of our competitors services, just to test them out.  We often submitted videos, articles, etc., and then logged in a day or two later to see which ones actually were displaying our content.  With some of the leading services, less than HALF of the sites that we had registered for, and properly submitted to, accepted or displayed our submissions.

We had to wonder why none of the other customers of these  services didn’t notice that they were largely buying vaporware. If their submission weren’t going through and the customers weren’t even noticing, we had to conclude that they merely logged in to the control panel at the services, glanced at  the “submission records” but never confirmed that the submissions were actually physically on the sites!

One of the difficulties with automated submissions is keeping up with the changing submission rules, and the interfaces at the various submission sites. That’s actually a full-time job, and probably why many of the submission from many of the leading submission services don’t go through.  They don’t keep up with the changes.

Most of these sites are set up for individuals to manually submit.  They often don’t mind automated submissions, since they need the content for their users, as long as the submissions are within certain guidelines.

Easy Push Button Traffic actually uses propriety software and technology that was under development for a VERY long time, and Our team of programmers are constantly updating it. This allows us to submit to the video, podcast, article, and press release sites in a way that makes it look the same as an individual  visiting the sites.

If you are using a video, article, podcast or press release submission service, you ABSOLUTELY should physically visit some of the sites periodically and verify that your submission are physically there.

What you discover may shock you.

One of the other things that shocked us as we set up Easy Push Button Traffic, and studied our competitors, was how over-priced they were.  We could only conclude that they charged such ridiculous prices because they had no real competitors. When you have no competitors, you can charge monopoly prices.

As we looked at pricing, looked at the fact that many of our  client would be struggling entrepreneurs trying to get a  business off the ground so that they could quit a 9-to-5 job that they hated, we decide to charge a more reasonable rate. In fact, we decided to initially price our service at roughly 1/4th of what the big dogs charged for their lower-priced  options.  We crunched the numbers and saw that we could still make a profit doing that.

I’ve rambled on long enough, but did want to encourage you to check out Easy Push Button Traffic.  You will discover that it is the very best value for the money.  Your submissions will get through, they’ll be on sites that send you relevant traffic, and if you’re one of the next 750 clients, it will only cost you $27 per month.

by Willie Crawford
Willie Crawford is an internet marketing and traffic generation  expert.  He often distributes content  (articles, videos, podcasts,  and press releases) to generate highly targeted website traffic.  To do that efficiently he uses the automated submission service that you’ll find by clicking the banner:

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