What is a snail mail?

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Mar 30

Webopedia.com defines “snailmail” or “snail mail” as the “normal postal mail, where an actual physical letter or package is delivered. The term hasn’t existed until electronic mail (e-mail) became so prevalent that there was a requirement to differentiate the two. Obviously, the term was invented by e-mail aficionados as a small barb directed at the relative slowness of physical transportation. Snailmail is sometimes spelled as two separate words, snail mail.”

The “technophile” or the modern dotcom generation would have ignored to see a snail mail in their mail box or inbox by now, do you?

Tree-huggers or the “dendrophilous” (fond of trees) or a “phytophilous” (fond of trees) might protest to get a snail mail and would have already opted in to electronic mails and made sure they also support the environmentally-friendly websites powered by solar energy to mention the least.

What about this snailmail version below?

snail mail, snailmail

We often receive our snail mail aftermath by real crikey snails before we check our offline mailbox even just few minutes away after the post man delivered them. We ended up having an offline edible mails in our mailbox malacophilous (pollinated by snails) at home.

Below is a Conversation between Snail and Rechargelife.

SNAIL: Hello is there anybody out there? Sorry you caught me doing my poop mate.

RECHARGELIFE: Hi snail, I’m not about your poop, you have eaten my snailmail!

SNAIL: No wonder why we snail your mails and all your spam catalogues (while snail head is popping out more).

SNAIL: Do you like my beautiful browny & yellow shell? You’re doing paparazzi, huh?

RECHARGELIFE: Silly I’m not doing paparazzi. Yeah I just realized you have beautiful shell!

SNAIL: Look how powerful scrap edge I can do for your mails! A great idea to do your scrapbooking edge and it’s free than your edging scissors you buy from the Spotlight, Kmart, Big W or other shopping centres.

RECHARGELIFE: Yeah, you do your crap and now you say it’s great for scrapbooking all right!

RECHARGELIFE: OK mate, that’s enough talk, I will gonna squash you outside with my shoes before you eat all those papers.

SNAIL: That’s the reason why we eat your mails because you squash us! You should be thankful for us because we eat your SPAM catalogues that those Catalogue Delivery does every week in your mail box!

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