Who are the Generation Y or Gen Y ( Infographic)

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Aug 30
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Before looking at the interesting infographic below, who are the Generation Y?

Netlingo.com gives us a good definition of the Gen Y (pronounced: jenn-why)

a.k.a. gen y, GenY, gen m, millennials, digital natives, echo boomers, millennial students, 21st century learners, NEET generation (Not in Employment, Education or Training), net generation, generation txt. The generation of Americans who are post-generation x, this group is considered to include people born between 1980 and 1995. Marketers use these terms to categorize an audience into a particular demographic in order to identify the trends associated with that group. Educators also use these terms to describe an age group of students. The formative influences for this group include constant technological change (these are people who have never used a rotary telephone or an 8-track player). Indeed, a millenial is one who has always known a life with computers (including digital game toys, GPS systems, and the Internet). It’s been said that the baby boomers are wildly optimistic, that the GenXers are skeptical and pessimistic, and that the millennials are practical and pragmatic. “Gen M” refers to generation media kids.”

Below are two infographics from other sources you can quickly know regarding the Gen Y and why?

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