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Personal Testimonial of Nutritional Cleanse and Weight Management Program

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Before Australia was declared as the first obese nation in the world (from children to adult), I knew myself that I really need to lose excess weight and look after myself to live healthier for my wife and future family. I was usually lean before my lifestyle changed and eating crap foods (burger, chips, processed foods, etc.) before I met my gorgeous wife.

I’m shift-working in a place contacting with chemicals or toxins 38 hrs. a week besides our environment or even at home. I haven’t done normal exercise but I do a lot of physical activities in my work place (walking/lifting heavy stuffs) even before choosing this cleansing program. My first week of cleansing had amazingly shrunk my abdomen easily! I believe those were built-up toxins. Definitely, detoxifying naturally with the right kind of foods is vital to support our body system in our toxic environment.


My Lost Gain Success Story with My Wife:

1. I have proven the program myself winning back my goal Body Mass Index (BMI). I lost about 17kg in my first 4 months. It also maintains and balances my wife’s normal BMI though she’s not underweight of her height but as a natural cleanse of the same product. It really works!

2. This is yummy delicious “food replacement” with all the natural ingredients and food dietary supplement in it. We never have to worry preparing meals three times a day especially my first 4 months intensive cleanse program as I have chosen 2 meals replacement. (Others may choose just one meal replacement program like my wife if it’s for more muscle tone and nutritional cleanse at the same time. Although my wife was a mountain girl bulked with cute muscles already.)

3. Naturally burn fats, tone or gain muscles altogether so I never had to worry of sagging stomach if ever.

4. It’s a natural healthy body cleanse or detox for my wife and myself without much hunger. Although I can only eat fruit for extra potassium during cleanse.

5. I had quick and easy lose of cravings, desires or temptations of junky foods, caffeine, unhealthy sugars and additive food preservatives (some processed foods I like before). Encourages me more to eat low GI (Glycaemic Index) foods.

6. Shifting my sleep-pattern is helping me to sleep well! My wife says, “No more snores!”

7. Most of all, I really feel great and grateful! Yes, it’s affordable as I repeat it’s replacing your regular meals and kept you discipline when you commit.

Thanks a lot to my sponsor support (John) and my personal coach (my wife) during my cleansing program. I really feel better and energized like a new man knowing and feeling the built-up toxic in my body were cleansed naturally! It does really affect me better not only physically but also spiritually balance in my whole body system!

We believe what our Creator Yaweh God says in the Holy Scriptures,

“…the fruit is for meat, and the foliage for medicine – Ezekiel 47:12.”

He also said, “Listen carefully to Me and eat what is good… Isaiah 55:2”

It’s just wonderful and excellent that everything we need and eat is provided by God in His nature! Certainly, it all comes down to our wise choice and sacrifice not to eat “adulterated or processed foods, unhealthy or nutritionally bankrupt foods” in today’s marketplaces.


Results may vary to an individual. Consult your doctor before going to your chosen nutritional cleanse program.

Feel free to contact us or leave comment below of the program not just the product.


G’day from rechargelife,

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