Back Story of Books vs. e-Books: Infographic

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Aug 18

What do you really prefer? What the formats use in electronic books?

A book (P-Book) or an eBook or both. We all know what eBook mean but because we love our friend‘s definition for the sake of Gen YGen X, Gen E, or any generations out there; states ” eBook is a short for electronic book (also seen as ebook and eBook) while p-book or printed book is a slang for a good old fashioned printed book (as opposed to an e-book). . It’s a book that can be downloaded and read on a computer or other digital device. For example, envision a brave new world where freshmen college students load their electronic book readers with “e-books” that contain their curricula and textbooks for the next four years, then they simply log on to the Internet for updates. The challenge is developing a hardware medium that will make e-reading more soothing on the eyes. For most e-book formats, you need a PDA or handheld device. Advances are being made regard to the quality of e-book readers. There are several e-book formats:”

The Mobipocket Reader
The Adobe / Glassbook eBook Reader
Microsoft Reader
HTML format
The Open eBook Publication Structure
The Rocket eBook
The SoftBook
Adobe PDF
Rich Text Format



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