My Post Is Saving Into Draft After Publishing It

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jan 07
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My Post Is Saving Into Draft After Publishing It

How weird! These are processed I am trying to troubleshoot.

  1. I got an article that I saved the draft last year 2016 and finally had the time to post it now from my draft. When I am going to post the draft, it does not publish, but it will return to draft again.
  2. I tried to copy the article HTML code format and saved it on my notepad then delete the draft and clean my cache and history.
  3. I copied back the article and changed the date or something.
  4. I even use another browser and made sure I clean my cache and history and re-clean my back office website. To my surprise, the issue still there!
  5. I tried to deactivate two plugins that I think it may interfering the issue.

6. I also noticed every time I publish or DRAFT in itself my “tags” and “featured image” are deleting themselves.

7. Therefore, I conclude the issue got something to do with other plugins; I will ask my geeky hubby to fix it the last straw. ūüôā

8. OKAY, no need for hubby this time, after removing that couple of plugins, the “draft thing issue” is resolved but not quite yet! It’s not displaying on the website after published!

9. I also backdate to a day my post to test the display problem!

10. I go back to the plugin and deactivate the other SEO Yoast plugin, and see if it shows this time.

11. RESOLVED it by using “WP Fastest Cache” plugin that was already installed even after using the “Purge Cache” many times. Everything is back in one piece again!

What was the issue?

One way or the other, I am not sure, what exactly the issues. The main thing, I was able to troubleshoot that thing!

This problem is my first time having it from this website. Our other websites never had this exact problem at all. I often save some drafts and return to it before I publish it public and never find any problem. I tried deleted it twice and redone the process and still having the problem.

Is anyone having the problem? Please share and what did you do about it. I am posting this to test if it allows me to publish it directly or it might go to draft to check this technical problem.

I guess, that is the technical world for you! We cannot avoid to pause and think 100 times 100!

~just a thought~

Cheerios 2017!

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