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By Brian Baulch | Blog

Dec 10

Have you discovered Classified Advertising website where you can benefit wildly when you blast your advertisements to three thousand or more sites on the Internet?

Have you been spending hours and hours posting ads on the Internet without any results?

RECHARGELIFE Adpost is here to offer One-stop Classifieds for the Internet. No matter what kind of ads you are looking to post, we are here to help boost your results. In some cases, it’s downright exponential.

From our site alone, your ad could be seen by over 40,000 visitors every single day. Yet, advertising on a single site – however large it is – is not nearly good enough! This is due to the fragmented state of the online classifieds market. There are thousands of free classifieds sites available on the Internet. Many of them are not large but altogether they attract a phenomenal number of users!

Exciting, isn’t it? There are thousands of other classifieds sites that let you advertise for free to potential millions of Internet surfers. But what’s the catch? It simply takes too much time to type all these ads by hand! Assuming just 5 minutes of typing per ad, it will literally take days, weeks, or even months to visit these sites to post your ad.

RECHARGELIFE Adpost automates your advertising!

Yes, we go one step further to blast our ad content to 3,000+ sites out there! On one hand, we are exploding the exposure of our members’ ads. On the other hand, we enrich other sites with valuable ad content. It’s win-win for all.

As we are in the online classifieds business, our in-depth knowledge of the industry allows us to constantly update a massive list of free sites. This means that we add new sites as they sprout up. We also maintain an up-to-date content mapping across ad formats. As all classifieds sites are set up differently, field formatting differs widely. Finally, our technology automates the whole process so that no one is required to do the posting by hand!

But how can you ensure that your ad stays visible after being posted? There are sites that expire ads within 7 days while others expire within 15, 30, 60, or 90 days. On many popular sites, stale ads can quickly scroll beyond the first few pages and become ineffective. With a mind-boggling massive list of sites, it is impossible to manually keep track of all your postings as well as the expiry email notices.

Re-submissions can be automated too!

RECHARGELIFE Adpost can automatically track and re-submit expired ads to other sites!

Once your ad has been posted, just walk away and let our system handle all the advertising. We’ll continuously re-submit your ad until it expires on our site and that can typically stretch up to 6 months. All you have to do is to sit back and be prepared for the swarm of responses you’ll be getting!

While all this can do wonders for your advertising, all it takes is just the time to post a single ad on RECHARGELIFE Adpost. Our system sends all ads to our submission queue automatically! All submissions are guaranteed.

Imagine the time and money you save when you let us automate your advertising!

Click here to Post your Ad and be seen on 3,000+ sites!

Let us serve you as a One-stop Classifieds for the Internet! With our database of over 1,000,000 members and more than 1,000,000 ads, you can be sure that you’re onto one of the best classifieds.

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“Over 40,000 visitors a day.. More than 10,000,000 page views a month!” view statistics

We believe our massive traffic translates directly to better results for you! In addition, as we are purely focused on advertising, visitors are highly receptive to advertisements. Therefore, your results will far surpass industry norms. Paid ads consistently generate click-through rates of more than 80%!

Please leave comments of your results and opinions about your personal classified advertising experience, share with us how you think we can improve our classified advertising service for you?

Brian & Jennifer Baulch

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