Dreams Recharged In Life

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Apr 21

Live your dreams every day. Allow them to take place in time.

My wife is from the Philippines. It seemed only a dream to bring her to Australia from her teaching job position in Bangkok, Thailand but through the Divine Creator of all things and acting on that dream, it became so real. We are married and starting our journey in life together as a couple. Our goal is to live our dreams with passion. Her favourite flower “Tulip” is even a real dream owning her mini garden tulips at home and often visiting the Tulip Farm during spring season!


Do you have dreams and passions you felt like giving up on? Please don’t give up, have faith whatever your dreams are. You are born on this earth for a purpose to see your dreams come to life. Depending on others can and will most time limit your goals and dreams. Stay focused; get around positive people, those who are like minded who are pursuing their dreams.


Please share your thoughts and ideas about living your dreams. May this video inspire you in some way, to see you wake up another day reaching the stars to shine!

By Brian and Jennifer Baulch

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