How Can AWstats Help Me?

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Nov 01

With AWStats, you can get outstanding benefits since it provides complete reports, analysis, and ready to use features that help perform your site well.

Curious about how it helps for your site growth?

Here’s two very important reasons why you might want to start using it!

1. Gather intelligent data

You can check number of visits, visit durations, most viewed, entry, and exit pages, visits of robots, worms attacks, keywords to find your site in search engine, how many times your site is added to favorite bookmarks, and many more by using AWStats monitoring tool.

You will know how your site performs and how accessible it is to users whether it is hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly visit report.

2. Avoid losing traffic

AWStats monitoring tool is able to check HTTP pages like HTTP error pages including 404, 403, 301, 400, 302, 206, 401, etc happening to your website when someone tries to click it.

With this information, you’ll know how much these error codes are shown when users visit your website so that you can improve your site for better future performance since you don’t want your users or potential users leave your site forever, right?

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