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Aug 25

We just found out from a great guy and one of our mentors David Frey, President of is having an exclusive sales training event from August 24th to August 28th 2009. Register right now for the Telesummit event below. You will be able to join the telesummit every day for free if you miss it or it’s already over the time you see our post, you will be able to purchase material and a recorded version of this amazing event by clicking the banner to the event website below.

Did you know the number one key to any business, the lifeblood that keeps it growing, is simple? Without it your business will fail and yet so many business owners and employees have no idea how to do it effectively. You are surrounded by it every day and in everything you do and yet it is one of the hardest hurdles to leap.

What is it? I’ll tell you sales. It is so much more than just getting someone to pay you for a product or service. I’m talking about the ability to get someone to eagerly open their wallet and give you money. It is about tapping into your customers’ hearts and minds. I want you to have your customers to constantly buy and bring new buyers with them each time.

You’ve seen some businesses with their sales that reach the stratosphere while you continue to struggle wondering if you are going to survive. You need to know what it takes to transform onetime buyers into insatiable consumers. How you like would to learn how to develop your sales skills and become more successful?  Well, now you can.

Never before have so many sales experts been assembled at one time for just one purpose showing you how to generate more money through the awesome power of sales. Sales is as much as an art as it is a science. But contrary to popular belief, being an accomplished salesperson is not something you’re just born with; it’s a skill, a skill that can be learned if you have the right teacher!

You see the sad truth about sales is that your most productive sales don’t come from advertising. If you are struggling with sales the worst thing you can do is keep doing the same thing. Your business depends on you stepping up to the plate and making the necessary changes to start hitting homeruns. People want to do business from a particular kind of person. Your sales failures are telling you that you are not that person.

The exciting part is that you can learn to easily become the type of person that others want to buy from and refer others to. The panel of experts David Frey & Maruxa Murphy have assembled for you literally taught thousands of clients just like you from all over the world the secrets of becoming a master salesperson. And whether you are “newbie” to sales game or a seasoned professional, you now have the unique opportunity to sharpen your skills.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how to become a master salesman regardless of your background, education or experience level. The tips, technique and tactics that you’ll learn is known, understood and used by only a select few.

Meet your panel of sales experts, bestselling authors, and world renowned speakers, they are:
Bob Oros, Elinor Stutz, Eric Lofholm, Frank Rumbauskas, Joe Nunziate, Kelley Robertson,  Kim Duke,Sean D’Souza, Tessa Stowe, Tony Parinello, Wendy Weiss, Ari Galper, Bill Caskey, Jeff Goldberg, Bob Urichuck, Mark Satterfield.

Join with us below by clicking on the banner for this once in a lifetime opportunity of world renowned speakers gathered together for you to catapult your sales success presented & hosted by David Frey & Maruxa Murphy of

In Your Success in Life, Brian & Jennifer Baulch

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