Just One Plunge Away

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Feb 01

“While others
are standing on the shore
waiting for their ships to come in,
swim out to meet

~by Carl Mays

Brunie, Tasmania Australia

Burnie, Tasmania Australia


Warrnambol, Victoria Australia

Recharging at the shore and plunging ourselves to meet our rescue into the other coast and deep we go to explore the chilling sea waves embracing our faces with great refreshments. Fresher plunge away sinks our minds in a different perspective than a typical day task tries to robotically consume our thought patterns sometimes week after week without redirecting it out of our comfort zones. Fear not and let’s take the plunge together in the journey we choose to with like-minded people you surrounded yourself by. Above anything, choose wisely like Job’s friends in the Bible who would have discerningly stuck with their friend Job suffering at the corner while they sit with him for days and be that friend with tight lips while lamenting with him. What a friend to have, and if you have never found that friend yet, he’s the Saviour Yeshua, He’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He’s so close even if we feel nobody’s there merely call His name and He’s at your rescue like a ship waiting there for your plunge. We do hope you enjoy the journey you have chosen even if it takes time; the peace or shalom in your heart and mind suffices it all.


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