Recession Search Engine Marketing Stimulus Package, Yahoo Free Offer

By Brian Baulch | Blog

May 23

Yahoo search engine marketing is offering what they call the BIG BANG offer to those who have never used Yahoo search marketing advertising before. This is a great opportunity to help recession proof your business and try out their offer which comes set up by Yahoo certified local specialists.

The recession search engine stimulus package includes no charge for a period of three months or to a maximum value of $150, whichever event occurs first. Your Yahoo! Search marketing campaign is set up and optimized by a certified Yahoo local specialist, all the SEO and hard work of setting up a campaign is done for you.

Targeted traffic audience reach and potential customers are not only from Yahoo!7 but also from NineMSN, giving you the leverage of two of the largest search engines.

Have you used and tried any search engine marketing before?

What were your results of any other search engine marketing campaigns before?

Please share any results and your future results if you try Yahoo search engine marketing we are very grateful of any feedback from results.

By Brian and Jennifer Baulch

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