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By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jun 18

We hope you enjoy our World Cup Soccer team in Australia. Thanks to Jibjab for their great job to put our Soccer dream video together. Just a kick of foot away to win this game really 🙂

We may have failed many times but at least we have tried or trying than never in life. It’s all about winning no matter what! Mia Hamm quoted “Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it.” We believe one secret is when team-players strategically focused to win it so it does in any sports like Australia Footy League or AFL, NRL, Basketball, etc. as in the business team itself. Individually speaking, it all comes down to our determination and foundation what dream we choose in life.

It may not every player in the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 has similar background like Michael Oher in the movie “The Blind Side” for sure there are also similar stories that are yet to be told or written for inspiration to us all. Dare to dream!

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Awesome post, hey I found this story while googling for popular lyrics. Thanks for sharing I’ll tell my friends about this too.

World Cup News June 19, 2010

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Clara Nakhle June 22, 2010

Hi to everybody,I like your site and it looks very interesting and easy to read,really!. I am from holland. I love the Soccer and cannot wait till 11th June, can you?.But there is a problem camming from FIFA. It is that doesn´t choose the best teams in this planet for the World Cup which it should otherwise don´t call the World Cup a final, if you want to play soccer for the soul of competition then go to the olympics games. this is exactly what the World Cup is turning to, and it su…, ire needed to beat argentina to be in and is not, jap beat lowly teams as bahrain, qatar, kuwait, to be in, is this justice I dont think so, just because you are in the World Cup it doesn´t mean that you have the quality to be in like jap can attes. Any way, I hope to see a super final on 11th July and my favorite winner team is Denmark,and my favorite player is Iker Casillas.Good blog and keep going.Cu!

admin June 23, 2010

lol everyone! thanks a lot for kicking in your soccer comments here!

Gay Travel September 4, 2010

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Thank you.

MisteryX_891 March 21, 2011

thanks buddy, great!

GHD Australia August 10, 2011

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