The Best Way to Publish an Article on the Internet

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jun 17

Now that you’ve written or purchased a lot of articles about your niche market, you are ready to start using them. But where do you start? How should you go about publishing your articles so you can start driving traffic to your website?

The best way to publish an article on the internet is through article directories. These directories are places for people to find your articles and publish them on their website. While you are not paid for the use of your article, your resource box must also be used at the end of the article. This is true no matter where the article is published-on a website, in an email, in a newsletter, or in a blog. Since your link is in the resource box, you drive traffic to your site with very little effort on your part. This is called syndication.

Not only do the readers of that website drive traffic to your site, but if the website using your article has a higher page rank than you do your website will be getting exposure from a regular web search that it would otherwise miss. You will find that you receive just as much traffic from these publishers of your article as you do from the directory itself.

Article directories do something else for you and your website traffic as well. The article directories are going to have a much higher page rank than your personal website. Therefore, when someone searches for your keywords, your keyword optimized articles posted on article directories will come up high in the search results, driving more people to read your article.

If your article is well written and you provide good information and not just fluff, your readers will likely click on your link in your resource box. This allows you to boost your website traffic once more. The only trick here is to only use the article directories that have a higher page rank than you do.

Finally, how many times your articles are published can play a role in your results as well.

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