3 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website With Teleseminars

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May 15

By Bob Jenkins

The number one issue faced by any business person with a website today is getting traffic.

Without visitors to your website, how will you ever be paid for your products and services (or through your affiliate recommendations)?

One solution to this problem is holding a teleseminar.

A teleseminar is simply a phone call where somebody (i.e., you) talks to somebody else (i.e., a guest expert or just the audience) about a specific topic of interest.

You don’t have to have any specific educational background or be some kind of certified expert to hold a teleseminar – just the courage to hold an intelligent conversation for about an hour about something you enjoy.

Marketing with teleseminars gives you over a dozen ways to get traffic to your products and services. Let me highlight 3 of them for you right now.

Teleseminars can…

  • Provide a live event for people to get immediate answers to their questions
  • Turn into articles and blog posts which are magnets for search engine-traffic
  • Connect you with new affiliates who share your teleseminar with others in exchange for a commission

Let me describe how each of these 3 could work for you.

Attract Traffic With A Live Teleseminar

When you host a teleseminar, you provide a specific time and date for a group of people to gather together. At heart, most people are still social animals. Because of that fact, if people know they can get together with other people like them at the same time and date and learn or discuss their favorite topic, they’ll show up.

And if you provide a way for your listeners to ask you a question that you answer during the teleseminar then they’ll definitely want to connect with you after the call is over.

Create Traffic Magnet Articles And Blog Posts

A second way teleseminars can generate traffic for your website, products, and services is by turning into text.

Most people talk at about 200 words per minute, and within an hour, you can create a 50 page transcript. Simply by breaking apart that text, you can create a dozen articles and many more blog posts with just a single teleseminar.

You then submit those articles to article directories and ezine publishers to spread your message. Each article becomes a traffic magnet by connecting readers back to your website through a link at the end of the text.

You can “write” weeks worth of search-engine friendly content by taking the same articles and breaking them up into blog posts you publish on your own blog or on someone else’s.

Get Affiliates To Send You Traffic

My favorite method of getting traffic with teleseminars is by creating an affiliate program for the sale of your teleseminars, their transcripts, or additional calls you do in the future.

Even before you hold a call, people are willing to pay in advance for the transcripts and/or the recording of your teleseminar. And once you start selling something online, you can invite affiliate marketers to promote your teleseminar product for you.

In exchange for sending you traffic, you agree to pay a certain percentage of the profits – a simple arrangement that’s made very easy with software available today (ranging from free to quite expensive).

Affiliates then spend their time and energy sending you traffic and you can spend your time concentratingon holding an excellent teleseminar.

Start Getting More Traffic With Teleseminars

These are just 3 methods of getting traffic with teleseminars that you can put into action immediately. And once you get started, you’ll quickly realize that your traffic problems are suddenly not so large anymore!

Bob Jenkins is the creator of TeleseminarFormula.com, an in-depth training program teaching business owners
how to use teleseminars to magnetically attract better customers, get more sales, and accelerate
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