You Have to Become an Expert

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jan 31

One of the changes I’m making this year is to become an expert at attracting traffic to my website. It’s not enough to just add some good content, do a little blogging and submit to some social networks. That will get you some traffic but it won’t get you the amount of website visitors that you need to make a website profitable. One of the things that some of the most successful marketers don’t tell you is that they either became an expert themselves or they hired an expert. For most of us we don’t have the money to go out and hire experts so we have to study and find out as much as we possibly can and then take action. Seriously, what do you have to lose by spending some of your time on studying the methods that have made other people a fortune?

The thing is that once you have a website that is generating a good number of monthly visitors, making money from that website becomes a whole lot easier. After all, selling is a numbers game. The numbers vary depending on whether the traffic is targeted or not, but it’s still a numbers game.

So go back and have a look at your website now. Do you have lots of unique, quality content? If you were a web surfer and this was the first time you saw that site would you be interested enough to have a look around? Put yourself in their shoes. Also, whenever you click on a link, fill in a squeeze page or click on a splash page – learn from that. Ask yourself what it was that made you want to click on that link or splash page. Learn from everything you see and do on the internet. Learn from other people’s mistakes as well. If you see something that turns you right off a website, make a mental note to NEVER do that on your website.

Don’t just get through the day get FROM the day!

Until next time good surfing!

By Gary Smith
WhirlwindTraffic Owner

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Ami Futch February 11, 2010

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David March 3, 2010

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