American Idol Contestant is overwhelmed with Greeting Cards

By Brian Baulch | Custom Greeting Cards Online

May 29

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Our main relationship and business building tool we have been using since August 2007 to keep in regular contact with our clients, customers, prospects, family and friends has been an amazing greeting card system that we enjoy sharing out there.


Reasons we believe in the greeting card service is its very simple use from your internet browser window to send a real greeting card with your personal message, pictures and customize it the way you want it all done from our computer. You only press send it then we print it, envelope it, stamp it or send on the printing site to the post office for you.


Besides how cool and easy this greeting card service is for us and our busy life; it’s just a superb way to keep in touch building relationships that we may neglect because of the fast pace lifestyle in today’s world.


It’s great to touch a life in and out of season sending and giving them a heartfelt message in a greeting card. One young lady’s story we would like to share is how this greeting card system has affected her is Megan Joy. She was recently one of the final contestants on Fox Television’s American Idol show. Hundreds of cards were sent her way from her supportive fans of this greeting card system.


Megan took the time to send a thank you letter to the company of this wonderful greeting card system on behalf of all those who sent greeting cards to her as well as some pictures of her having fun with her cards.


Here’s what she had to say to everyone:


 To the entire SendOutCards family,

Words cannot express my love and gratitude for you all! I received so many
thoughtful, caring, supportive, encouraging, funny, and amazing cards. There
were so many times your cards lifted me up and carried me through some very
hard and low times. I wish I could thank every single one of you personally
that sent me a card, but holy moly, SOC is huuuuuge, and I have more cards than
I want to try to count.

So to each and every one of you, thank you for taking the time to send a rad
card in the first place, and then fill them with wonderful, wonderful words.
Thanks to every person who sent cards with pictures: pictures of yourself, families,
friends, pets, homes, and babies. Those cards were awesome! I truly loved
getting to see a little piece of a life that is kind enough to encourage me in
mine; they are lovely. Thank you.

To the people who send cookies and brownies and other treats and gifts, that
was so beyond and sweet, and I enjoyed and cherished every single treat sent. I
hope I get to show my appreciation even more, perhaps at an upcoming
convention! In the meantime, you’re all wonderful, and I know that the kind of
person who is willing to support a random girl that you don’t even know is the
kind of person who has great things coming their way. Thanks forever and ever,
and ever.

Megan Joy

Megan Joy, Send Out Cards

Image by SOC-blog

We would like to offer you the chance to try this greeting card system for free as our complement. You will be able to send two real greeting cards to a family member or a business client perhaps; it’s all up to you just think of two people now and go ahead send them a nice real greeting card with your own personal message. Simply click the banner below.


Have you got any feedback of how greeting cards have helped you? What are your results from trying this greeting card system out? We look forward to your comments.


By Brian and Jennifer Baulch

custom greeting cards

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Beverly Monical June 25, 2010

Send Out Cards is a great concept.Great story here.I would love to speak to you about Send Out Cards vs. another idea I use.Please contact me and be watching your Facebook messages.

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