Are You Using To Many Different Services Just To Market Your Products?

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jun 07

With so many video submission services, article submission services, press releases, podcasts, etc. it can be overwhelming!

Especially when it comes to signing in and out of each one – what a big hassle and one that drives most people crazy. Don’t sacrifice your list of clients for a few extra dollars in your pocket! Want to guarantee that your customers will follow you to anything you want them too? Here are a few tips:

*Make your clients feel really special. Offer some compelling incentives for making the switch. Never underestimate the power of a free gift! They work miracles.

* If your customers need further convincing, offer them huge deals on some of your other products out there. Let then know that they are the only ones that get such an offer! This is also a great method to generate tons of buzz about your website!

* Give your audience plenty of time to make the change to the new software tool company. Your clients were use to one service, and now you want to show them a more improved service. Help guide them through this move.

Switching to a new and different software for marketing doesn’t have to be a difficult experience – just make sure that you’re continuing to provide your clients with great values and incentives, and they’ll be only too happy to follow you.

Want to the easiest and quickest software out there to submit your articles, your videos, your press releases, and podcasts?

Then look no further than Cyndi Parker’s software Easy Push Button Traffic. To find out more information about this amazing tool, or to claim your own copy, visit Parker’s website at the banner below:

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