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By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jun 06

If you’re an internet marketer, then you know that there’s plenty of opportunity to make loads of cash online – and there are a lot of tools that want to help you do just that.

The trouble is that some of the tools do not get you the results you need. Oh, they promise that all  you’ll ever need is a great idea, a killer product, and a colorful website, and profits will just fall into your lap.

That is a lie…but here is the truth: it takes work and it takes you standing out from the crowd within  your niche. Lucky for you, internet marketer Cyndi Parker is here to help.

Parker’s new software, Easy Push Button Traffic is the ultimate submission software that lets you submit videos, articles, press releases and podcasts all within one simple location!

With just a few clicks of some buttons you can now get listed in the top search engines for your  keywords within hours. This will help you to generate some cash while you are busy building your business and your lists.

The software, which was inspired by Parker’s frustration of using so many services to accomplish things,  contains a easy push button system that even a teenager could use.

Videos can be a great way to sell a product, especially if you have created it yourself. Videos work great on sales pages and lead capture pages (often called Squeeze Pages).

Articles are another great way because your articles last for years. They never go away, so you get  different pieces of residual income continuely from something you haven’t advertised in years. It’s great.

Press Releases and Podcasting are other ways of marketing to get noticed instantly. The Internet is a wonderful place to do business because you can reach anyone in the world. If you have some videos that you want to advertise about your online business, then you can submit them from this software to 30 different video sites.

So you don’t make videos? No problem. Then write some articles about your online business and submit  them from the software!

No longer is it necessary for you to go to one service to summit articles, or one service to submit videos, or another for free press releases, etc.

Easy Push Button Traffic was designed for its simplicity and a one-stop shop so that it makes your  marketing experience quicker and easier.

To learn more about Easy Push Button Traffic Software, or to claim your own copy, visit Parker’s website at the banner below:

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