"cPanel, Cron Jobs, Fantastico, Awstats…" All Sound Like Another Language?

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Oct 29

You most likely already have access to the cPanel Web Hosting panel for your website and you know that the ‘net is flooded with videos on how to use the basic features of cPanel.

So the question is “how you can you take it one step further and use cPanel’s bigger features to take your business to the next level of success?”

This new video series is packed with 10 videos and 3 bonus videos on quick cPanel shortcuts that will save you time, hours of fustration and allow you to automate daughting tasks.

If you’ve ever wanted to know..

* How to create MySQL databases
* How to use Awstats
* How to create profitable 404 pages
* How to protect your files
* How to perform direct server to server file transfers
* How to install server scripts
* How to set up a cron job
* How to get rid of spam

and much more..

..Then you this may be the only video series you’ll be needing on web hosting!

Check out full video series below by clicking the banner.

To your success,
Brian & Jennifer Baulch

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