What Is cPanel And Why Do I Need It?

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Oct 28

Cpanel is a back end area of sorts offered by many web hosting services. It is an amazing tool but it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

First things first, if your website has a Cpanel you can access it by going to your website and then /cpanel. You will then see a log-in screen and will need to put in the user-name and password that your hosting provider gave you for your website. Once you have done this you will come to a screen with a whole lot of icons.

The Cpanel window is divided into categories. The first one to two categories are probably going to be unique to your web hosting service. At the bottom of the screen is where all the goodies are. There’s one icon that I’m going to talk about.. Fantastico.

If you click here you will be brought to a large menu of software that you can install on your website free of charge. Some of the really cool ones include..

1. WordPress (very good blogging software)

2. Joomla (web content manager allows you to create many different types of websites)

3. Help Center Live (allows for live help chat assuming you have someone manning the computer, otherwise provides a ticket system)

4. phpBB (full featured forum system)

5. Coppermine Photo Gallery (allows you to upload and organize pictures into attractive galleries)

6. Tikiwiki (nice wiki software)

7. Moodle (allows you to create online courses)

8. Web Calendar (allows you to create an online calendar)

There are many more really cool programs here, but that is a sample of some of the best. You can get all sorts of functionality out of your website from these programs, just be prepared to spend the time to learn them. Hey, you can’t beat the price and trust me there are many software packages you can get that do the same type of thing but cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Click the banner below to find out how to install and use these great power tools..

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