Freelance Writer Wanted – Tips To Hire The Best Freelance Writer For Article Writing And Marketing

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Apr 25

Freelance writer wanted is the ad you would be putting out on the Internet if you were into affiliate marketing big time. With the advent of the Internet in the past few years many marketers online have made their millions, and continue to do so. But how do they manage to succeed where so many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of online entrepreneurs fail? Perhaps they have managed to get in at the right time and the right place, not to mention, marketing the right products! Then again, perhaps it is the online marketing strategy they have mastered.

A lot of their success comes from SEO. This is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. No site will ever be found if it were invisible to the search engines on the Internet. To make these sites search engine friendly, they need to be constructed around a few very popular words and phrases that are cleverly woven into the content to make their occurrences throughout the site content seem naturally integrated.

Then, to take this technique one step further, the same keywords and phrases are woven into hundreds of articles and strategically posted to all the top article directories that are very high ranking on the search engines indexes. This is the very basis of SEO Article Marketing.

How these keywords and key phrases are placed in the article, and how many times they occur determines the quality of the articles. Experienced freelance writers are able to churn out hundreds of articles with the exact key phrase that will attract tens of thousands of people searching for them. The end of the article will direct the reader to the site that the article is actually written for. This is what driving traffic to a site is all about.

Many webmasters advertisers for writers wanted and the most experienced ones will pick and choose those writers who know their job. How to research topics, weave articles around the specific keywords without over stuffing the article with them and risk rejection by the search engines or the article directories thus wasting precious time rewriting them.

A well written SEO article can attract a few thousand readers in a short time. These readers, will then be redirected from the article to the web site that needs the traffic. So, before posting your freelance writer wanted advertisement, stop and think what kind of writer you want:

a) One who will copy and paste content into the articles that will be ignored by the search engines?


b) One who will understand the keywords and topics and write intelligent, informative, quality articles that will be a hit with the directories and will be accepted immediately for publication thus resulting in hordes of traffic to your site.

Remember, you are only one choice away from web success!

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