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Dec 04

What is your ‘passion about’ to be a home based business?

Globally, Internet has given us the great opportunities and tools to excel and discover what we are really passionate about to do and network with people with the same interests besides our own tribes or race. Whether you are stay-home mum looking after kids, students, etc… I believe we can find that thing that we are interested to do and start from there. I agree that there’s no such as money tree that will grow overnight! It takes self-discipline, courage, patience, forbearance, training or preparation and most of all PASSION and BELIEVING on your VISION! No matter what other people say. Let’s be optimistic than wasting time.

Are you really passionate about it? Do you believe it yourself? Then start it now! You might still thinking…RECESSION is a hurdle…it was proven fact that RECESSION is an opportunity! Research it yourself and you will find more interesting facts about it. Let’s look for the opportunities when they come along. They are everywhere in the marketplace online & offline. Grab it if it’s for you then go for it!

Here in Australia alone, according to the Bureau of Statistics Australia (2003) (ABS) in 2003, as many as 67% of all 784,800 small businesses in Australia, were actually home based businesses. With an estimated 4% increase rate per year.

From Robert Kiyosaki, known as the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” they stated this in their book:

“If I had to do it all over again rather than build an old style of business; I will build a Referral Marketing Business.” 

Home base business is the fastest-growing segment in our global economy. It has $100 Billion worldwide sales. Direct Sales has created 6-7 figure earners than any other industry.

YOUR CHOICE and YOUR CHANCE… Is it a roll of dice? Is it flipping the side of a coin?

“Success in life isn’t just about a roll of the dice…It is about our CHOICE when CHANCE or OPPORTUNITY passes by!” G. G.

Just LOOK for the opportunity and enjoy planting your seeds now. Definitely, you shall reap what you sow!

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