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By Brian Baulch | Blog

Dec 03

Every webmaster needs traffic to their website. It doesn’t matter if you’ve built a website for personal reasons or for business purposes, without traffic, your website will not flourish, but how can you get a steady flow of traffic ?

Fill your site with original, keyword rich content. This will help you rank higher with the search engines. If you’re not good at writing articles, there are plenty of article writing services out there that can help you with this. Article writing services may charge anywhere from .01 per word to .20 per word. Ask for samples of previous work for other clients to help you determine the quality of their work. Don’t just go with the cheapest price on this, the better your articles and content are, the more people will want to read it, and want to show it to others.

Once you have articles written, either by you or by professional article writers, submit them to article directories. There are thousands of article directories on the web that you can submit to at no cost. Most article directories allow you to link back to your own website either in the article itself or in a small author information section. This is probably the most effective way of spreading the word about your website.

Social bookmarking is a great way to generate traffic for your site. Sign up is free at the social bookmarking sites and it only takes a minute or so to submit your URL. This can be a very powerful traffic generator. is a great place to start social bookmarking, after you submit your site with them, they’ll in turn submit it to 19 other social bookmarking websites.

Joining a forum that is related to your site’s niche and being an active member is another way to gain traffic for your site. Most forums allow users to have a signature that’s attached to each post you make. If you add a catchy phrase and a link to your website in your signature you’ll gain a bit of traffic from it. Take some time and think about a catchy phrase that will make people want to click on your signature link.

Start a blog and post to it frequently. Each time you update your blog many sites are notified of the update if you’ve built a good ping list. Be sure to place a link to your main website on your blog as well, this will encourage search engines to crawl your site and this will increase your search engine rankings. You can create a free blog at many sites such as,, or

If you use the above suggestions you should see a steady increase of traffic to your website, which will last over a long period of time.

Lou Drake has been writing articles as a hobby for years on the internet and also owns or manages numerous websites, including a General Blog, Earning Options, and More Info Please.

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