How Social Networking developed the History of the Internet?

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Jan 28

Internet History

It’s great educational thing for all ages to comprehend God gives knowledge and wisdom but things take time to develop. Why? Some reason l considered it so because human relationship takes time, needs trust to connect and develop it to integrate with technology connections with like mind humans and expertise per se.

With each of these developing stages of human interaction or networks, mindsets need to be changed and attitudes are also tested or refined. New human relationships have to be addressed for progression and this sometimes take years or even decades just like the Internet that has taken over 50 years and is still developing and progressing.

Social media development l believe is the catalyst and foundation of the Internet even in its infant stages in the 1950’s. Social networking of computer developers and companies been formed was integral. Today the Internet is still developing with better programming languages, bandwidth speeds and the social networking phenomenon with the rise of the likes of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter etc.

The way people are interacting in business environment and social environment has all developed in the last 10 years because of the progression of social interaction from the developer, programmer, small business and many others!

Let me ask you these:

How is Social Media and Internet connecting with you in human relationship development?

How does the Internet affect your life for greatness?

History of the Internet development

Internet thoughts in 1969… INTERESTING!

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I found this post via google, and it explains what I was trying to figure out. Thanks!

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AddendUnaby June 22, 2010

Very Good site, thank yo mister, it’s help’s me!

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