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By Brian Baulch | Blog

Feb 06

Are your loyal customers spread word of mouth marketing?

Your faithful customers will not always be your greatest referral builders. There is no relationship between buying behaviour, frequent spending or customer loyalty and word of mouth. Porsche customers are not referred to the brand by other customers relatively; Porsche gets its referrals from children that love cars. Gaze beyond who is buying and who isn’t to find your greatest referral builders for your niche business.

What referral methods are you applying in your niche market?

1.     Are you looking for recommending behaviour? Capture a gaze at the prospects using your tell-a-friend forms or frequently talking about your personal brand.

2.     Are you looking for readers? Your blog and newsletter subscribers are often your prospects looking for an interactive sharing of creative ideas.

3.     Are you looking for prospects who crave your products or services? Everyone wants to wear or employ your logo is a superstar who wants to show your personal branding to the world.

Watch the video below to be inspired and be prepared to have your personal customer attitudes changed. Your prospects and customers will be drawn to you like a magnet by what you put into practice and learn from Johnny the Baggers’ prompting. An unforgettable story about a young man who changes the culture of a grocery store by being creative and giving the customers more than they expect.

Inspirational movie about customer loyalty based on a true story!

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