How to gain traffic without using a manual traffic exchange?

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Aug 04

Like you, we need a steady stream of good web traffic to be successful. We have been testing traffic exchanges and found them to be a good source, but we just don’t have time to sit there for hours surfing sites to get credits.

So we went looking for a better way – and we found it!

We tested Garland Coulson‘s Free Traffic Bar and we were blown away. Just by adding this little toolbar to our browser, we immediately started getting free traffic every day, just for being on the web. And it not only gave us free traffic for our own browsing, as we started inviting others, we ended up with a flood of free advertising from the browsing and recruiting activities of our downline.

In addition to the traffic, Garland also built in a downline builder program to let us create money, build traffic and downline in over 100 programs at once AND he pays up to a 50% MONTHLY commission.

We especially liked the extensive training area. Garland is an Internet marketing expert has hours of free video and audio training, not only on the Free Traffic Bar, but also on many other critical areas of Internet marketing. He really makes sure his members have every tool they need to succeed online and his support team was very quick to reply to our questions.

Free traffic, multiple streams of income, great support and monthly commissions – definitely a winner for me!

Garland generously gives 1,000 free advertising credits to everyone who signs up, so check it out here:

By Brian & Jennifer Baulch

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