Marketing with Candles, Electricity & Nuclear Fusion?

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Aug 03

Well – Did the subject line make you wonder?

We thought it was a pretty good description of many people online today. An analogy of what people search for and spend money on…

What we mean by that , is that most folk know that nuclear fusion would be the greatest source of energy we could hope for…

The only problem is that nobody has yet figured out how to make it work!

Remind you of anyone?

Lets be honest for a moment – So many sites seem to be promising us results that could only be possible if we did understand nuclear physics, and if nuclear fusion was actually a reality!

You and I know it’s not – but that doesn’t stop many many people from continually searching and spending their cash on systems supposedly incorporating the latest in nuclear fusion technology… (big laugh)

So given that we know it doesn’t exist what then… Well we have to assume that standard electricity is the next best thing… or is it?

Can we assume that you know how to change a light bulb?

Maybe even how to wire a plug? (don’t panic – it’s just an analogy)

But if we asked you to come round to our house and rewire the place to incorporate dimmer switches to all rooms and have the Hi-Fi routed from the main room through to all the bedrooms with remote channelchanging for each, then maybe some spotlights to the garden and a few spare sockets for extra entertainment devices both indoor and for external use…. and lets not forget the rest of the household appliances…well …

We think at some point 95% of us would be shouting WHOA…

Sharply followed by a No Way – We’re not an electrician….We were nervous enough changing the light bulb!!

And who could blame us?

How are we really supposed to know what’s safe and how it all works?

To us that analogy is of the vast majority who know nuclear fusion doesn’t exist, but who are struggling along with SEO, Site Building, HTML, PHP, Social Networking etc. etc.

The list goes on and on…

Hey we’re sure some folk are qualified electricians, and others are qualified at all the things needed to succeed on the web.

But if we’re still being honest – 95% of people would still be struggling wouldn’t they?

They’d be more like a new boyscout wondering how many matches he had left to light the rain soaked twigs of his campfire, eventually running out of matches and crying to go home!

So what’s the solution?

Well we think it’s Candles.

Who doesn’t know how to light a Candle?

And once you do light them – they just keep burning, don’t they…

OK – we know what you’re thinking ….How much energy are we going to get from One Candle? … nothing like the others are aiming for right?

The point is – we can all light a candle.


What if there was a way to light 10 or 50 or 100 candles? What if someone with a system could show you how to get 1000 candles lit and burning at the same time?…

Enough Already … you must be tiring of the analogies by now.

The point we were getting to is to STOP searching for thesystems that will never exist or only exist for the select few…and grab with both hands a simple yet effective system that will provide as much income if not more than some of it’s higher priced and sophisticated counterparts.

And one such system is to follow the ‘Step by Step’ methods that John Thornhill uses on a daily basis.

He knows nothing about Nuclear Fusion, and we think he gets his wife to change the light bulbs in his house…

But he does have a package that has and is making him a full time living online.

He uses ebay’s traffic to drive visitors to his websites and build his lists, allowing him to profit wildly from affiliate marketing and product creation.

Yet he does it all so simply and easily by automating many many aspects of his business.

The proof of keeping things simple yet effective can be seen on his site – where he happily shows his powerseller feedback scores (how many who make big claims are actually prepared to do that?)

If you can see the value of having 1000’s of simple candles, all burning automatically, you light them at your will (and they are those ones that never burn out!!)…

What we mean is – John will not only Show You Step By Step – but will also Give you every product he sells on ebay, the templates, the tools, the whole system… Broken down into easily managed chunks – so you can set it all up on Auto Pilot at your own pace.

Then provide ongoing support and a members forum to help you along the way, all while keeping you updated with new products monthly and any new techniques he finds effective…

So if you’re really looking for something that is as simple as lighting a candle and following some step by step instructions – from someone who has already helped thousands just like you…..

Then we believe you are going to love the help and support you’ll get with John’s Package.

This is your chance to have your own business, a business you own and operate, you profit from, you succeed with…the major difference is this…

…You’ll be in business
~~FOR Yourself but NOT BY Yourself! ~~

So take a look at what John will do to help you get to where you want to be.

And while you’re reading every word of what he piles into the package – do give a thought to whether you want to keep searching for Nuclear Fusion tactics that don’t exist, Or years training to become a qualified expert with all that Electrickery stuff —

Or whether you’d find it easier to just keep Lighting Candles for a hour or so a day that will lead to the full time income you know would like to get sooner rather than later!

By Brian & Jennifer Baulch

P.S. Remember – Once lit, your candles will keep burning. Just as once you get John’s package set up, your income will just keep growing! Simply click on that banner.

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