How you can now capture email address on any website

By Brian Baulch | Blog

Jul 30

Just recently we came to know about Jeff Long on twitter about his very exciting brand new technology that is shocking internet marketers worldwide, no matter what business industry you are in, if you use the internet for social networking and internet marketing you will find Jeff`s instant capture page remarkably  revolutionary.

The instant capture page tool is perfect for clickbank products, facebook profile, twitter profile blogs, mlm replicated company website that in no way allow you to gather prospects or customers name and email address details to make follow up contact.

Jeff`s instant capture page is the first of its kind we have seen in the internet marketing and social networking scene. Just imagine the possibility of how this unique technology could be used to build a list not simply easy or possible before with your facebook and twitter profile or any other website you can think of. Now it is all possible to build a list using your auto responder or directly load in to the instant capture page software.

We now recommend watching the video demonstration of the instant capture page by the creator of it. Jeff Long will show you how simple his optin or capture page software truly is. We also look forward to your feedback if you have seen any software capture page tool like this before? Or any way you can see it could be improved to benefit your internet community needs. Your comments will be forwarded to Jeff and he is open to constructive criticism.

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